About Us

Brothers and co-founders Jake and Josh Freeman grew up on family ranches in Southwest Arkansas, North Central Texas, and the South Plains of Texas. The Freeman boys left the ranch after high school in the early 2000's to pursue higher education, and since the early 2000's their journey has taken them to a combined 80 countries across six continents, many in the service of this great nation. Through it all they developed a great appreciation for premium quality beef and the many ways the world prepares and enjoys great beef. 

Today Jake and Josh are proud to be the fifth generation of beef producers in their family to operate out of the small community of Sivells Bend, Texas, and they take their legacy of craftsmanship very seriously. Their shared vision is to raise the absolute best beef possible, and to enrich the lives of those around them through the heightened eating experience you only get from exceptional beef. 

Every business decision at The Haltermark is centered around producing the most healthful and most delicious beef in the world and making that beef available and conveniently accessible. The Haltermark is a vertically integrated, family owned, veteran owned, small batch meat company that specializes in grass-fed and grass-finished craft beef. Production principles that make The Haltermark best in class include emphasis on environmental and livestock stewardship, holistic management, low stress livestock handling, and management intensive grazing. All of the beef offered at The Haltermark is free from added growth hormones and antibiotics of any kind. Exceptional quality is guaranteed.